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2015 02 Magical Hands – Physiotherapy clinic

The Magical Hands Inaugural minutes of meeting

The Inauguration of The Magical Hands – Physiotherapy clinic (subsidiary company of The Peaches Healthcare limited) was held at Norwood Hall on 07th February 2015 at 10:30am.

Our honourable project co-ordinator, Mr Daljit Singh Grewal welcomed everyone and introduced the Physiotherapists of The Magical Hands to the committee members and the crowd.‘The Magical Hands’ was inaugurated by our honourable President (SGSS), Mr Gurmail Singh Malhi who then gave a speech to the crowd addressing the need for Physiotherapy to the community and how helpful it will be to have a good service in reach provided by qualified Physiotherapists as a part of Mael Gael project.

The Physiotherapists then addressed the gathering about how excited they are to start up this new venture with the help of SGSS and thanked the Sabha for giving them a platform to display their skills. After the inauguration, refreshments were served to the people gathered for the event. All the people who came for the inauguration were taken upstairs to show the new Physiotherapy Clinic setup. Free Physiotherapy assessments were provided as part of the open day for all that came to take part in it.