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2015 07 Dr Varma

Talk at Norwood Hall by Dr Varma on 15th and 16th July mainly on ‘Lifestyle Correction Techniques’.

Dr. Varma is an Ayurvedacharya, committed to spread the goodness of Ayurveda. He conducts seminar on Ayurvedic lifestyles and its benefits. This took Dr. Varma to visit more than 35 states of America in past 12 years. Dr. Varma believes Ayurveda has answer to most of our common illness and current health issues. He also believes that all can maintain their health without any aid of medicines or doctors if only we understand simple steps of Ayurvedic life style. Dr. Varma speaks on four important topics: food, water, sleep and stress from Ayurvedic point of view and focuses on how small changes can bring huge difference to our lives knowing the basic principles of Ayurveda.

Following the talk, one to one meetings were arranged for the members where they could seek guidance on medical issues they may have. However, members have also been advised to seek medical advice from their own health professional before they decide to take any other product or therapy relating to their health.