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2015 07 Parvin Kapoor

Dr Parvin Kapoor BDS (MFGDP) Business Director for Sterling Dental Group has many years of experience in his chosen field. He gave an excellent talk on dental care which members found very informative and useful.

Dr Kapoor highlighted the importance of teeth cleanliness and mainly focused on brushing teeth correctly with a good quality brush using a branded toothpaste. Members were advised to brush their teeth after each meal, especially before going to bed. Dr Kapoor stated that people generally brush their teeth once in the morning. He informed if that is the case, the best time is before going to bed and explained brushing techniques.

Members were informed that the mouth is potbelly, the dirtiest place of our body as bacteria from the environment and food enters our mouth. The importance of cleaning it properly is very high. The teeth are very hard structure but the gums they rest on are very soft. So both have to be brushed in a different way.

In Q & A session, he informed members that any dental treatment they may have abroad such as implants can lead to complications/infections if the correct procedures are not implied. In such cases, it is difficult to help the patient as the risk of mistakes made by dentist abroad may lead them responsible.

Daljit Singh Grewal thanked Dr Kapoor for his presentation.