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2015 08 Tiyan

Tiyan is ladies only event celebrated in Punjab.  This is an opportunity for married women to come to their parents home.   It is also an opportunity to meet old neighbours, classmates and friends and celebrate together.  The event contains  music, dance,  gidda and sing songs, rides on the swings and mouth-watering food and desserts.

Mael Gael celebrated the event over two days  on Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th August.  Nearly 400 ladies attended the event which contained gidda, sing song and Jago among other activities.  It was wonderful to see  the ladies dress up in their best costumes and performing  extremely good in the entertainment.

Freshly cooked food along with the desserts was served.

Daljit Singh Grewal commented that the event was totally planned,  organised and delivered by the Mael Gael ladies Team.  He further added that it is wonderful to see so many people enjoying the event.