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2016 06 Scotland

Trip to Scotland

49 Mael Gael members visited Scotland for 4 nights and five days. The journey was long but everyone enjoyed it. On the journey there were sing songs, joke telling and everyone shared the food they had brought. Although the trip took 8 hours it went quickly.

We stay on a cliff top hotel with a view over the River Clyde. It was wonderful location. We visited Locks, Glens over the 5 days and Glasgow where after a City guided tour we visited the New Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara. After Hukam Nama we had Langer and afterwards a tour of Gurdwara was conducted. We also took long boat ride on Lock Lemound

The weather over the 5 days was wonderful. On the journey home we again had lot of sharing of food and entertainment.

We came back with wonderful memoirs of our trip

We have a number of trips planned for summer to Clacton on Sea, Isle of Wight and Blackpool illuminations & Lake distract please contact the organisers if you should wish to attend.