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2019 Teeyan

Mael Gael in Partnership with the Voice of Women and Punjab Radio celebrated Teeyan over four Sundays in July and August 2019.

We had over 1000 ladies attending this colourful event. They came from Crawley West Ham South London and other far and near places.

Teeyan is ladies only event celebrated in the rainy season in Punjab. Women come to their parental home and together with their childhood friends get together in groups and dance, go on swings and sing and were their most colourful dresses an amazing mixture of colour and folk dancing makes this event Great

I am grateful to my team members for making this event such a successful. As men are not allowed to participate, I could not join in but was delighted to have the honour to be involved in the presentations.

Feel proud to be part of a great team

Daljit Singh Grewal
Project Coordinator