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Launch of Southall Community Gardens & Food Growing Project

Mael Gael is proud to announce the launch of its latest  project to be based at its stie at Tentelow Lane Southall funded by the Big Lottery Fund for 18 months.

Our Community Gardens & Food Growing Project, launched in April 2022,  is a volunteer led initiative and will regenerate our exiting  substantial l garden  and unused plot land area, creating a space to provide gardening and horticultural  activities along with relaxation, peace and tranquillity spaces for our users.

Increasing local volunteering and engagement in gardening and food growing

 Reducing social isolation particularly amongst older men and women

Community Gardens & Food Growing Project activities will include:

  • Developing and improving access to a large communal garden featuring flowers, fruit trees, open/shaded seating areas
  • Setting up a ‘sensory cum peace garden’ area incorporating water features and offering therapeutic smelling, touching, looking, listening opportunities
  • adapting our substantial plot of unused land into a ‘Food Growing/grow your own’ vegetables and food area, run by ‘an older peoples’ collective’ with produce grown distributed to local people in need
  • a ‘seed and plant sharing ‘ scheme and ‘peer to peer mentoring’ to promote participation in gardening and nature
  • one to one and small group horticultural activities and sessions to engage older people in a) outdoor digging, planting, watering, heathier food growing etc including greenhouse based activities particularly during winter months and b) healthy eating, physical and mental health wellbeing/educational activities
  • seed planting sessions for children from Khalsa Primary School situated on same site to provide stimulation and interest in nature and the outdoors amongst children

Volunteers Needed

Come and Visit us:

Open : Monday to Fridays : 10am – 5pm