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ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫ਼ਤਹਿ

Dear Friends,

In 2014, the SGSSS leadership team and I set out our plan to transform Mael Gael into a leading supplier of services to those most in need in the Southall area.

We strengthened the projects leadership team by appointing Daljit Singh Grewal as Mael Gael Coordinator. We made a commitment to empower the elderly in our mist to look after themselves, stay healthy and the help end the despair of loneliness and issolation that often afflicts seniors.

The Mael Gael team were set a big challenge and we are delighted with what has been achieved. The commitment and dedication of the team, under Daljit’s stewardship, is what has made such rapid progress possible in meeting our key strategic milestones.

I would also like to acknowledge the support of the Gurdwara trustees: Mr Balwant Singh Gill, Mr Surjit Singh Bilga, Dr PB Singh and Mr Amarji Singh Dassen in helping us achieve our ambitions.

We look forward more busy and successful years for the project ahead.

Warmest Wishes
Gurmail Singh Malhi
President SGSSS

The phenominal success of Mael Gael is a reflection of the ever-increasing dedication and enthusiasm all the Savadars display on a continual basis.

I would personally like to thank you all for your support. The project would not have accomplished so much success without your dedication and hard work.

I look forward to continue working with you over the next few years.

Best Wishes
Prabhjot Singh Thind

Mael Gael continues to grow in strength. We have maintained the premises and gardens at Norwood Hall for the purposes of providing services to our membership. Our aim has always been to remove isolation and loneliness whilst providing a high-quality service that actively promotes a better quality of life for our members. To build social cohesion through the enrichment and celebrations of cultural traditions.

Through continuity in the leadership team, we have been able to embrace change, increase our membership and the services we provide. We have also provided space and resources for others to facilitate greater collaboration and coordination between local communities.

Of central importance to our achievements has been the strength and depth of the Mael Gael team. I am very proud of the way in which our programmes have all built on the principles of working together, collaboration and partnership. I have been encouraged and humbled by the enormous generosity and the commitment to serve others by everyone on the team.

The trust placed in me and my team by the trustees and the unwavering support from the executives of SGSSS has been pivotal to our success.

I look forward to the future with great excitement.

Daljit Singh Grewal
Mael Gael Coordinator

I am honoured to have been involved in the Mael Gael project from the very beginning. To have witness the project grow and to realise our early ambitions has been amazing. We simply could not have reached our financial goals without such a dedicated team of volunteers and the generous contribution of the SGSSS. Stability in leadership, transparency and strong financial governance have been key ingredients in generating success.

I continue to be grateful to the SGSSS Executive for its encouragement and steadfast commitment to the project. I look forward to a continued partnership on behalf of everyone to comes to Mael Gael.

Gurbachan Singh Athwal
Mael Gael Treasurer